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The Forward Replay

Move from where you are to where you're designed to be... all 34 sessions from the 5-hour live event, watch + rewatch...

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Revelation = Invitation

An OilyApp+ class with a unique spin on the oils of Ancient Scripture, about moving forward into the things you&rsquo...

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Business Basics 101

It’s not an explanation of the comp plan (we’ve already got that in OilyApp... it IS an overview of commo...

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Reproductive System

The reproductive system is one of the body systems with which many people struggle. As sexuality is so tied to our id...

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Renewing Your Mind (with the Oils of Ancient Scripture)

Our thoughts actually create reality. And I’m not talking about in the theoretical, “perspective” t...

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The (Complete) Body Workshop

Your body is designed perfectly— to heal itself, to mend what is broken, and to do incredible things.   ...

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Same Thing / Different View

There are two groups of people in your Downline- 1) product users and 2) business builders. Understanding the role th...

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Urinary System

The urinary system is comprised of the bladder and the kidneys. It does so much more than just "filter," however. Thi...

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Life Planning

Everyone is headed somewhere-- but where? In this course we get super-practical about helping you dream, define where...

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Integumentary System

The Integumentary system— your skin— is the largest organ of your body. Though we typically think of the ...

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Launch (from Starter Kit to Success!)

You’ve got your kit in the mail. Or it’s on the way.  You feel— like us— that you could...

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Musculoskeletal System

In the opening video of the 8th course of The Body Workshop, JB offers two reasons this course is personal to him&mda...

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